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4th February 2017 - NDRA at Motueka Airport
Rivers Family Racing traveled to Motueka for the 3rd round of the NZDRA National Series

A one day meeting which is good keeps everyone on there toes. Not many cars in the comp class but we were hoping to run a 200mph run down the strip. The Nelson team always have a good track its tight and bumpy but suits our car quite well.

1st run off the trailer a single pass 6.90 @188mph good run but in the pits and a broken Pushrod and Lifter. The Team pulled the blower off and found no damage so replaced the rod and lifter and the car was good to go.

Missed our second run due to the repairs but went out to the first Elimination. Our Competitor lost his Chute in the burnout so it was a single pass at 6.80 @ 185mph. Back in the pits evrything was good with the Engine and Car.

For our last run of the Day we made some Power, Fuel and Weight changes to have a crack at the 200mph. The car launch was our best ever no Tyre shake lifted the front wheels on the wheelie bar and down the track on a mission, But then the No 8 Piston left out the side of the Sump taking the Starter motor and side panel with it. Lucky the damage is just to the Sump the Block and Crank are ok and the engine well still be good to run again in the future.

Prize Giving in Nelson was Good we took away Fastest time and Speed as well as joint hard luck winners

Youtube video of the 2nd run a 6.80 @ 185mph Run, plus all the laast run of the dayis on the channel as well.

Next Round is the NZDRA Nationals at Masterton on March 18th and 19th 2017.The Rivers Family Race Team will be there with the Dragster and the Mustang.

1st January 2017 - Summer Nationals Taupo
Click on the picture below to read an article on the Results of the Summer Nationals

29th December 2016 - Summer Nationals Taupo
Rivers Family Racing traveled to Taupo for the second round of the NZDRA National Series

A one day meeting which is good keeps everyone on there toes. 4 Cars in the Competition Class would mean 5 runs for the day if things went well.

It was a bit chilly and overcast in the morning for the first run. Grant was in the drives seat and launched with huge tyre shake but got down the strip at 193mph. The shake broke an engine mount and shook a lot of things loose on the car so quite a bit of rushing around checking everything and making repairs.

Run two and Adrian in the car for the rest of the day. The run was 189mph still not bad and a few adjustments should see us quicker.

The third Qualifier run we decided to skip to give us less stress in prepping the car for the semi-finals and to make some wing adjustments and engine settings for the warmer temps with the sun out and strong head winds.

Run 3 great launch and down the track in 206mph and though to the Finals.

Final up against a front engined Rail "Hell Raiser" very good car had been going good all day. The head wind was very strong. Great start by both cars powering down the track we managed to get the win in a tight battle and get a 204mph run. With tow runs in the day 204mph and 206 mph we set a speed record for the AA Dragster class we went to the scales to check the weight of the car and will apply to have the speed ratified by the NZDRA.

Youtube video of the Final a 204mph Run plus all the runs of the day are also on the same channel

Nicole Rives was running the Mustang in the street car division qualified well but drew another Rivers Speed and Spares Engined Wanganui car and was just beaten in the first elimination run.

Dean Scott in his Super Sedan Ute was hoping for a good day but sadly in the first run of the day blew the transmission.

Next run for the Rivers Family Racing Dragster is Round 3 of the NZDRA 4th February at Motueka in the South Island.

21st December 2016 - Summer Nationals Taupo
Click on the picture below to read an article on the upcoming Summer Nationals

12th December 2016 - Central Nationals Masterton
Rivers Family Racing traveled to Masterton for the first round of the NZDRA National Series

The Dragster had a overhaul in the off season with lots of small changes in weight distribution. A complete replacement of the electrical system.

Saturday the weather was good and track prep was good so good things were expected. Run one Adrian in the driving seat wasn't a good start with the car in the opposite line creeping forward on the lights the dragster was left waiting on the staging lights, when released a huge tyre shake killed the run. Back in the pits the car went through its service ease and a bit of power was removed and the car returned for the track.

Run 2 went off without a hitch the car left the line well and powered down the track to record a 215mph which was a great result. Back in the pits and some more changes to weights and rear wing to get the car to launch better and give more down force at half track to prevent the wheels spinning which was slowing the car down. Run 3 and Grant was driving, a good launch apart from the red light but at 3/4 track the blower belt let go shutting down the car. The belt broke when the car hit the rev limit 8500rpm due has it turns out to the transmission slipping. This will get overhauled in the two weeks before the next round at Taupo. Sunday the plan was to run the car going easy on the Trans just to see how many extra points we could earn but the Rain came along and settled in to cancel the event.

Youtube video of the 2nd pass a 215mph Run pb in top speed

Nicole Rivers was running the Mustang in the street car division and Qualified 2nd for the Sunday.
Blair Ruby in his Holden Ute which runs a Rivers Speed an Spares prepped Engine was No1 Qualifier

Dean scott was 3rd Top Qualifier in the Super Sedan Class

7th June 2016 - Television Feature
Rivers Speed and Spares Ltd featured on New Zealand Television over the Weekend in the Show NAC NZ Car Culture. A good 6 minute Feature for Grant Rivers Speed and Spares.

You tube Clip of
Rivers Speed & Spares
Featured on
NAC Car Culture
Starts at the 11 minute mark

11th April 2016 - Masterton Drags

Great end to the season on a difficult cold track at Masterton Motorplex. The Rivers Family Racing Team ran Personal bests in two cars.
Nicole Rivers took the Mustang to a 12.20 at 118mph making her the Fastest in the Family in the Mustang
Adrian Rivers ran a 6.59 in the first Qualifying run of the weekend and a 209mph in the 6th run of the weekend.
It was a very cold weekend though with track temperatures of 21 degrees making the Launching very difficult. Tyre shake and aggressive Wheelie's meant Adrian needed to drive the car very well to get the times and speed he achieved.

You tube Clip of our Last run on Saturday @ 201mph broke the Wheelie Bar and Blower Belt

You tube Clip of Nicole in the Mustang

You tube Clip of our Last run of the Season a 6.61 @ 209mph

28th March 2016 - Nelson Drags

Article from the Nelson Mail on the Drag Racing this past Weekend.

Clearly drag racers do not suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). After a huge turnout at the Nelson Drag Racing Association's February meeting, it was back to more familiar scenes in Motueka on Saturday with small fields for the Keith Whiting memorial meeting.

And, to those who stayed away due to late-season budget blowouts and event clashes, bad luck. The Rock 94.4FM raceway at the Motueka airfield was at its sticky best with a swag of personal best times posted in the early autumn sunshine.

At the forefront of those was the Rivers Racing Team of Whanganui's Grant and driver Adrian (Swanny) Rivers. With dad on the spanners and son at the wheel, the supercharged dragster posted a pair of 6.6sec passes, the fifth and sixth quickest ever in Motueka. Their last run also came at better than 300kmh, bold stuff on a drag strip with a short braking area.

Rivers' runs helped the North Island to a 9-5 win over the south in the battle for the Whiting Memorial, although the other islanders had to co-opt some help from Nelson club members to make up numbers.

There wasn't such good news for the driver of the other supercharged car in the field, Southlander Bruce Smith withdrawing with gear selection issues after a 7.48sec run but there were wide grins from the likes of Steve Bennett (first 9sec pass in his Ford Prefect), Sean Gourdie (mid 10s, Holden Commodore) and Troy Appleton, who had a great day on his Proper Crisps race bike, dipping into the nines.

Best match ups were Bennett's ongoing duel with Adam Thompson's Ford Anglia van, Ross Wood running 10.4 in his Holden one-tonner to beat Mike Wilson's Capri and some nostalgia drag bike racing from Spike Lauria and Brian Reece. Brady Taylor-Jones also has some changes to make to his wickedly quick Skyline if he continues to nudge the 10sec bracket.

The Nelson Drag Racing Association has regained lost ground through summer and, with new race machinery being finished over winter, will look ahead to start of another four-meeting season in November.


North Island vs South Island
Wins goes to the North Island 9 to 5

Super Sedan Class
Winner – Ross Wood running 10.5 at 130 mph
Runner Up – Michael Wilson running 9.9 at 133 mph

Super Street
Winner – Steve Morrison running 11.9 at 113 mph
Runner Up – Bjorn Cowdrey running 14.7 at 90 mph

Competition Bike
Winner – Troy Appleton running 10.0 at 137 mph
Runner Up – Mark Pahl running 10.0 at 135 mph

Modified Bike
Winner – Darren Weir running 11.3 at 123 mph
Runner Up – Craig Bromley running 10.6 at 140 mph

Winning on Best Reaction went to Glenn Taylor with a 0.018 seconds

Best Burnout in a car
Went to Chris Duncan

Best Burnout on a Bike
Went to Steve van Pelt

You tube Clip of Qualifying Run 1

You tube Clip of Qualifying Run 2

You tube Clip of Run 3

You tube Clip of Run 4

The Next outing for the team will now be at Masterton on the 9th and 10th of April

21st 2016 - NZDRA 2016 Nationals

Rivers Family Racing went to Taupo with high hopes of another good meeting. Sadly the Rain put paid to what was shaping up as a good set of runs. only 2 Qualifiers were run on Saturday Run number 1 saw the car do 6.70 @208mph. Run 2 with some changes and the first time into the 6.69 @193mph the speed was down as Adrian got off the gas early due to what turns out is a faulty Rev Counter. The Crew were in the Staging box next up to run when the rain came ending what was a great day.

Sunday started off looking good but light drizzle came in and just stayed around forcing the NZDRA to cancel the meeting.

Dean Scott has been declared the Winner of the NZDRA Super Sedan Class. This is Deans first National Championship and is a credit to his consistency this Season that saw him score enough points to secure the Championship.

Adrian Rivers has secured Second place in the Competition Class on points countback through out the season. The car has performed well all year and hopefully next season if the Car makes all the rounds we might get a shot at the No1 Title.

Dean Scott in his Holden Ute Super Sedan had 3 good runs on the Saturday

You tube Clip of Dean Scott's Ute in Qualifying Run 1

You tube Clip of Adrian Rivers in Qualifying Run 1

You tube Clip of Adrian Rivers in Qualifying Run 2

29th February 2016 - 30th Wanganui Street Drags

Adrian Rivers won the 2wd Import Class

You tube Clip of some of the cars and vehicles from the day

THREE DECADES of Wanganui Road Rodders history was honoured by cars with modern engines but chassis and frames going back nearly 50 years at the annual Street Drags down Taupo Quay on Saturday.

More than 70 cars, vans and motorbikes were entered and a bumper crowd enjoyed the engines roaring and tyres smoking, with even the weather co-operating as after a little midday drizzle, the expected rainfall stayed away.

As a spectacle, the event was everything the Road Rodders could have hoped for. The drags are their main fundraiser to keep the club going.

Even Taranaki's Americarna showcase moving to an annual event did not split the potential motoring audience, with the 30th anniversary of the drags pulling in more spectators than 12 months ago.

"We always clash [with Americarna], it's our weekend and it's their weekend. Locals come to support locals," said club spokesman Grant Rivers.

"Great support from the public, just a magic day.

"Thirty years - that's one milestone and we're very proud of it."

While the fans may not have been aware, the finishing times on the races did not break until the 6.5-7.5s range, being slightly slower even than last year when the Taupo Quay road was still recently resealed chip.

"Traction was a bit of an issue," said Rivers. "It was just a wheelspin the whole length of the track."

While some sunny weather may have helped as the rubber from the vehicles went on to the track, Rivers was still surprised by the slower times, because it was the drivers who had little in the way of superchargers but good horsepower who saw the most success.

"To walk on it, it was sticky, but there still wasn't any traction."

This year's Ivan Jones Memorial Trophy was won by Simon Carson, a recent club member whose 1962 Commer Cob put down a 7.929s run.

Sitting in his 1982 Kingswood truck with a 671 supercharger along with the 454 Chev engine, five-year club veteran John Hooper said it was hard to get up to personal best speeds.

"I'd like to do a 7s but we won't. We'll wheelspin ... It's a good adrenaline rush and I like doing big skids."

Dashing down the quay, Hooper had to correct often to avoid fishtailing by the end of the quarter-mile.

"There's a lot of turns in a straight road," he said.

Having pulled a burnout for the fans, Hooper predicted a lot of the drivers would "go crazy" for the final races of the day, the Grudge Shootouts, and so it proved as the tyres were smoking and then the contestants would have to reverse back through their own smokescreens to meet the starting lights.

Whanganui's Arron Jackson in his 1974 Holden Torana, with its Craig Wilson-built motor, is usually one of the top competitors but could only manage 8s runs.

"I just can't get the traction on the ground." The car was too powerful "for today", he said.

Nonetheless, the Naki Nitro-sponsored car remains a featured attraction and Jackson pulled some burnouts for the crowd in his labour of love.

"It hasn't really stopped having a makeover. Had it for 10 years. Ballpark figure of $60k spent.

"It's a big event, eh. There's only two street events left in the country."

The other is the Wellington Port Rd Drags, run by the Cam County Inc Hot Rod Club, who as usual arrived in Whanganui in numbers to support their small-town cousins, for which the Road Rodders will reciprocate next year for the 50th anniversary of the Wellington event.

There was one minor spill which alerted everyone that they should treat the road with respect as Todd Hall's Mustang - which won the Best Staging prize - fishtailed near the end of the straight and spun 360 degrees, breaking a balljoint on the front end when it struck the curve, but with no other damage or injury.

Craig Wilson's Holden also leaked a little transmission oil at the start of the event, forcing a 30-minute delay, but Rivers said they had started early anyway because of the prospect of rain, so everything finished right on schedule.

There were no issues with the lighting or timing equipment as seen last year.

"We were very lucky," Rivers said. He predicted the evening prizegiving back at the clubrooms would be an emotional affair for the longtime clubmen as they celebrated 30 years of their favourite day.

"It's going to be very cool tonight, a few speeches."

Among the other major awards, Alan Smith's 'Hot Wheels' Camero was the Best Presented Car, while Euan Mark's T Bucket, which had not been in Whanganui since the 1990s when it was the fastest street car around, was Best V8.

- Wanganui Chronicle

By Jared Smith

Adrian Rivers Did a couple of passes in the Dragster for the Crowd

Nicole Rivers won the Female and 8.5 - 9.5 second Bracket Classes

Dean Scott towing back Adrian in the Dragster

Photo Gallery Link

12th February 2016 - Dean Scott wins at Nelson Drags

SLICK RUN: Dean Scott's big block Chevvy-powered Holden ute dashed over the quarter-mile in 8.85 seconds to take the Super Sedan class title at the Southern National Series in Motueka on Saturday.PHOTO/SUPPLIED
The grunt produced by Dean Scott's 540cu inch big block Chevvy-powered Holden ute took the popular Super Sedan class event at the New Zealand Drag Racing Association's Southern National Series in Motueka on Saturday.

The Whanganui racer beat more than 40 competitors in the class, which is based on self-nominated times over the traditional quarter-mile track.

Scott's best run was an 8.85 second dash over the quarter-mile, clocking a 252.67km/h top speed.

"We had a bit of luck go our way for a change," Scott said yesterday.

"I was the only competitor from Whanganui, but there was plenty from the North Island. Super Sedan is a popular class and there were more than 40 entered on Saturday."

Scott, a mechanic at Whanganui-based Rivers Speed and Spares, built the motor at work and while able to be driven on the roads, he is forbidden with racing slicks fitted.

"All it would take is a change of tyres to make it street legal, but I can't use it on the road with slicks on.

"However, I will be doing a couple of demonstration runs at the annual Wanganui Hot Rodders Club Street Drags on Taupo Quay on February 27," Scott said.

- Wanganui Chronicle

29th December 2015 Summer Nationals

First Place in Competition Division

The Penrite Rivers Family Racing Dragster Run perfectly all weekend doining 6 runs all up and improving the each time out on the track. Conditions were very hot which meant high altitude which takes the power away from the runs. The Track was good unused for two years it had good prep work done to it.

Run 1 on Saturday testing out the car and track in a 3/4 quarter pass.

Sunday Run 1 6.70 at 198mph

Article that was in the Wanganui Chronicle

Whanganui drag racer Adrian Rivers has added yet more silverware to the family trophy cabinet after taking out the competition division at the NZDRA Summer Nationals in Taupo.
Rivers drove the family drag racing team's machine to a personal best time over the quarter mile stretch at Taupo Dragway at the weekend.
Rivers stopped the clock at 6.70 seconds after reaching a top speed of 202mph or 320km/h to take the competition title.
Meanwhile, Whanganui's Dean Scott and Aaron Jackson were both eliminated in round one of the super saloon division, although Jackson returned home happy after a personal best run in his street legal Holden Torana.
Jackson clocked 9.7 seconds for the standard quarter mile with a top speed of 142mph or 229km/h.
Rivers is the 2014 NZ1 Champion in the Outlaw class.
His former "Blues Bros" car has a 500 cubic inch big block supercharged Chev running on alcohol putting out about 2000hp.
The engine has Dart 360 Aluminium heads, a Luncati crankshaft, Oliver conrods, JE pistons, Comp valves and springs, T&D rockers and is triggered by an MSD20 magneto.
The car uses 25 litres of alcohol per six-second run.
The car runs a two-speed Powerglide transmission built by Chuck Man of Rotorua with a Strange 9" rear end.
The team sponsors include Penrite Oils, Chuck Man Transmissions, KAR Limited and Rivers Speed and Spares.

1st June 2015 Targa Bambina

The Penrite Rivers Speed and Spares Mustang competed in the 2015 Targa Bambina and Finished 2nd in Class. Grant Rivers and Codriver Ross Francis were very pleased with the results as the Rain made conditions very tough for the big car.

Great Interview with Grant and the Penrite Mustang.

Doing a Burnout at the start of a Stage.

15 April 2015 NZDRA Nationals Maserton Dragway

The Rivers Family Race Team went to Masterton Dragway tto compete in the NZDRA Nationals.
Running in the C3 Modified Class for he second meeting in a row the aim was to first set a new National Class record which was done early on Sunday a 6.704 @201.94mph. Second on the list was to make the finals and win. Not an easy task and made harder with the quarter final being rerun due to timing issues. 6 runs during the day to make the final against the ever reliable Andrew Neiman and unfortunattely thats when the blower belt broke, Andrew was only 1/10th away from his dial in time so it would have required the perfect run to win anyway Congradulations Andrew..
The Team has had a great run all year. Only drama was getting the tyres to grip and not give tyre Shake.

Warmup then a run shot from the strip and hen the onboard shot.

Onboard a 195mph run.

Dean Scott ran his fastest Speeds for the year

17th February 2015 - 25 Years in Business

Grant Rivers celebrating 25 years in Business. The workshop put on an Open day on Saturday and showed off some of the various Cars and Boats that the workshop has had a hand in working on over the years.

1st November 2014 Opening Weekend at Meremere Dragway

Photos by SE Photography

The Rivers Family Race Team went to Meremere Dragway for their first meeting of the Season. The Dragster has had Bigger Tyres fitted and this weekend ran the big engine. In the first run of the weekend the wheelie bar was set too high resulting in the big air seen in the two photos by SE Photography. Run Two big Tyre Shake but a 7.2 @ 207mph run made the Team top Quailifiers in a full field. A disquilfication in the opposing lane saw the team sneak through to the semis despite a slow run with the transmission playing up. The Semis saw the team lose the the Crushanator team with the tranny letting go.

The Team hope to be in Nelson next weekend if the transmission can be repaired in time.

An onboard Video Clip of the Blus Bros dragster on a 7.2 @ 207mph run

29th April 2014 - NZDRA #1NZ

Adrian Rivers has become the first Wanganui Person to win a 1NZ NZDRA Drag Title driving the Blus Brothers Dragster.

The Youtube clip of the 6.71 second 200mph run.

First run on the big Engine at the New Masterton Motorplex. The 427 Chev was used for most of the rounds in the Supercharged Outlaw Class and was as reliable and consistent as ever. Grant Rivers built up a 500 Cubic Inch Engine and it ran pretty well in the two Rounds it was bolted into the car. The Car was a bit of a handful at times especially at the final round at Taupo where track conditions didn't Suit. Great driving by Adrian overcame the difficulties with traction, and the car ran some good sub 7 times.

1st Nelson Mail Article
2nd Nelson Mail Article
1st Wanganui Chronicle Article
2nd Wanganui Chronicle Article

24th February 2013 - Wanganui Drags

Dean Scott in his Ute lost the final in the fastest bracket Class. Just couldnt get the traction to to do a clean run.

Dean Scott in his Ute lost the final in the fastest bracket Class. Just couldnt get the traction to to do a clean run.

Raj Patel had a red light to lose his Final.

Nicole Rivers won the Fastest Female Final with a god clean Run.

Grant Rivers impressed the crowd with a couple of demo runs in the Funny Car.

Adrian Rivers ran the Dragster for the Crowd last week he won the Supercharged Outlaws Class at Taupo beating 9 cars with a 7.30 at 186mph.

Results and picture/video gallery's to follow asap

Fastest Ford
1st Tony Baird Folden Panel Van 7.581
2nd Raj Patel XW Falcon
3rd Grant Gulliver Model A Pickup

Fastest Chev
1st Dean Scott Holden Ute 6.728
2nd Richard Bewley Ford Cortina
3rd Aaron Jackson Holden Torana

Fastest Mopar
1st Mary Kawau Chrysler Regal 7.646
2nd Dave Fishwick Chrysler Pacer
3rd Josh Cartwright Valliant Charger

Fastest Other
1st Blair Turley Holden Commodore 10.27
2nd Brian Wood Holden Commodore
3rd Glen Bullock Holden Ute

Fastest Bike
1st Karl Brown Honda VFR 1200 7.054
2nd Bevan Constable Honda CBR 600
3rd James McDonald Kawasaki 1200

Fastest Lady
1st Nicole Rivers 65 Mustang 9.072
2nd Jacinta Newell Nissan S15
3rd Shelly Burgess Chevy Nova

Fastest Import
1st Gareth Lewis Mazda RX7 7.785
2nd Brad Dougherty Honda CRX
3rd Stu Hopkins Mitsubishi Starion

Fastest 4WD
1st Scott Pedley Mitsubishi Evo 8.327
2nd Kyle O’Connor Nissan Skyline
3rd Andrew Rees Nissan Bluebird

6.5 – 7.5 Seconds
1st Richard Bewley Ford Cortina 6.754
2nd Dean Scott Holden Ute
3rd Aaron Jackson Holden Torana

7.5 – 8.5 Seconds
1st John Hooper Holden Ute 8.274
2nd Raj Patel XW Falcon
3rd Aaron Wood Holden Morano

8.5 – 9.5 Seconds
1st Craig Wilson Chevy Bel Air 8.527
2nd Peter Carmichael Jaguar
3rd Shane Whitten Holden Clubsport

9.5 – 10.5 Seconds
1st Shelly Burgess Chevy Nova 9.503
2nd Rod Sklenars Ford Coupe
3rd Mathew Climmo Holden Ute

10.5 Seconds and Over
1st Josh Cartwright Valliant Charger
2nd Glen Bullock Holden Ute
3rd Brian Wood Holden Commodore

V8 versus Import Challenge
1st Dan Southall Camaro 7.29
2nd Gareth Lewis Mazda RX7

Ivan Jones Memorial Trophy
Aaron Jackson Holden Torana

Best Presented
Aaron Jackson Holden Torana

Fastest Closed
Aaron Jackson Holden Torana 6.673

Best Staging
Craig Wilson Chevy Bel


25th November 2012 - Spring Nationals at Meremere

The Funny Car had the first hit out on the drag strip this weekend. The above image is a link to NZ Drag racing Video on you tube, Grant did a wheel stand on the second run quite the talking point of the weekend. First clip of The Funny car is just a few seconds into the video and the Wheel Stand is around the 4.30 minute mark.

It was hoped the car would run well at the weekend and get down the Meremere Track in full run for the first time. In the off season(2 years) the car has had the motor rebuilt and a new Powerglide transmission and diff setup doing away with the Clutch. The first run of the day the track as expected was a bit slick and Grant blew the tyres off(big wheel spin) at the start but then got back on the gas for a blast down the track. Not a great start to the day but everything was running well. The second run and the day was warmer and the track was great, Grant got solid launch hitting the 60 foot mark in a record 1 second dead time. The Car got so much power down that it just started lifting high in the air and it was great driving to bring it down on the wheels as gently as possible. Normally the car has wheelie bars attached but these were left behind in wanganui and grant thought the car at 1060kg would be too heavy to lift as easily as that so decided to run it. Lesson learnt! Grants crew headed back towards wanganui to pickup the wheelie bars so the Team could continue racing on Sunday.
Great effort Guys.

First run on Sunday with the wheelie bars and a good burnout down the track but the driveshaft had come out and the car had to be pushed back. The crew worked hard to repair the car and just got out on the track for the last qualifying attempt in time. Another great burnout and the car came back to start the run, it was really good off the line leaning back on the wheelie bars and powered down the track but as it went into top gear something broke in the trans and there was no drive. So ended the weekends racing with quite a bit learnt about the car and some very promising hopes for the future. Next outing should see the car a lot better.

9th September 2012 - Wellington Hot Rod Show

The Rowan/Rivers Funny Car took out the Best Competition Car at the recent Wellington Hot Rod Show.

7th August 2012 - Wellington Hot Rod Show

Grant Rivers and the Team will be featured at the Western Bays Street Rodders Show held at the North City Mall Sunday 26th August. Both the Funny Car and Dragster will be on Display with plenty of work going into the Funny Car which will be ready to Race this Season.

2nd July 2012 - Dyno Room You Tube Clip Test

Video clip of a 454 being put through its paces in the Dyno Room
The Dyno Room has been a great addition to the workshop and is well utilized

18th March - Wanganui Swartz Tyres Burnout Comp

Crowd Favourite Aaron Wood with his Coloured Tyre Burnouts.

Yesterday saw the Second running of a Burn out Competition at the Tartek Asphalt Burnout Pad.
Its hoped more Events can be run on a more regular basis at this Venue . The event attracted 20 cars whom all did 3 Burnouts with there best two runs being scored by 3 Judges. Prize Money and Trophy's were presented to the winning Teams at the end of the Day. there were just as many out of town Competitors as Locals at this event which was held in good spirits by both Crowd and Drivers. The Rota Boys were hard out all day doing as many runs as they could before they ran out of tyres. There were a few break downs and overheated Motors during the day but nothing major.

Best Four Cylinder
1st D. Brown
2nd Will Crow
3rd D. Crow

Best Eight Cylinder
1st Raj Patel
2nd Aaron Wood
3rd Wayne Fergusson

Best Rota
1st Ian McSheen
2nd John Tickey
3rd Smugz

  Best Six Cylinder
1st Ryan McDowell
3rd Ricky Osgood

Best Import
1st Adrian Rivers

Crowd Pleaser
1st Aaron Wood

Picture Gallery Link From the Burnout Comp.
You Tube Video Page, 11 Videos up

26th February - Wanganui Street Drags

Adrian Rivers doing a burnout at the end of the day.

Great Day in the City Today. The Street drags were will attended by the public. 58 cars 6 bikes and 2 Junior Dragsters were there to do runs down the track and entertain the crowd.
Fastest Ford
1st Tony Baird, Holden FB - 7.61
2nd Todd Hall, 1969 Ford Mustang - 7.798
3rd Raj Patel, Ford Falcon XW - 8.148

Fastest Chev
1st Aaron Thomas, Ford Pop - 7.1
2nd Bruce Cox, Chev Camaro - 7.24
3rd Richard Bewley, Ford Cortina - 7.34

Fastest Other
1st Arthur Clapison, BMW M5 - 9.956
2nd Brian Wood, Commodore - 10.21
3rd Glen Bullock, Holden Ute - 10.41

Fastest Mopar
1st Mary Kawau, Valiant Coupe - 8.179
2nd Dave Fishwick, Valliant Pacer - 8.64
3rd Trevor Sheehan, Dodge Coronet - 8.952

V8 versus Import
1st Dave Duncan, Skyline - 8.069
2nd Ben Morris, Camaro - 8.036

Ivan Jones Memorial
Ben Morris, Camaro - 7.370

Best Presented Car
Aaron Thomas, Ford Pop

Best V8
Raj Patel, Falcon XW

Best Import
Jacinta Newell

Best Staging
Aaron Wood, Monaro

Fastest Closed
Aaron Thomas, Ford Pop - 7.1
  Fastest Lady
1st Mary Kawau, Valliant Coupe - 8.072
2nd Kristen Williamson Subaru STI - 8.853
3rd Nicole Rivers, Mustang - 9.813

Fastest Import
1st Dave Duncan, Skyline - 7.816
2nd Dustin Ng, Mitsubishi Mirage - 8.157
3rd Nathan Cleveland, Skyline - 8.243

6.5 - 7.5 Seconds
1st Bruce Cox, 71 Camaro - 7.189
2nd Aaron Thomas, Ford Pop - 6.9
3rd Richard Bewley, Ford Cortina - 7.189

7.5 - 8.5 Seconds
1st Mary Kawau, Valliant Coupe - 7.644
2nd Tony Baird, Holden FB - 8.070
3rd Raj Patel, Ford Falcon XW - 8.041

8.5 - 9.5 Seconds

1st Dave Fishwick, Valliant Pacer - 8.993
2nd Tony Witinitara, Holden Premiere - 8.479
3rd Wayne Thomas, Chev Corvette - 8.512

9.5 - 10.5 Seconds
1st Dane Nixon, Mazda RX7 - 9.595
2nd Andy Maddox, Valliant Wayfarer - 9.761
3rd Jeremy Climo, Holden Ute - 9.864

10.5 Seconds and Over
1st Tony Stewart, Ford Escort - 10.73
2nd Ross Couper, Mini - 11.62
3rd Ross Borrows, Ford Ranchero - 10.89

Fastest Bike
1st James Macdonald, Kawasaki ZX12R - 7.805
2nd Mark McKenzie, Honda VTR - 8.105
3rd Kenny Duxfield, Triumph - 8.136

Picture Gallery Link From the Drags with Pictures to be added on Monday Night.
You Tube Video Page Videos go up on Monday Night.

25th September - Tararua Hot Rod Show

The Rivers Speed & Spares Workshop was front and centre at the Levin Hot Rod. Grant Rivers had 6 of the Hot Rods / Race Cars he has built and worked on for his customers over the years as well as the Grand Prix Hydroplane "Annihilator Race Boats". Two dragsters running Grant Rivers Engines wee on hand as well. Also in Attendance was the Dallas Rowan Junior Dragster and the Rowan/Rivers Funny Car.

The Funny Car did 3 engine fire ups during the day to impress the crowd many of whom had probably never been tha2600hp engine before. The warm ups by all the big engine race cars were well received by the crowd.

27th April - Motueka Drags
The Rowan Rivers Drag Racing Team went to Motueka in the South Island For what they hoped was a final run for the Season sadly the weather had other ideas and the Rain on both Saturday and Sunday put paid to what could have been an enjoyable Event. The Rivers Team however enjoyed the time socializing and will endeavor to return to the track next year if dates permit.
The Dragster and Funny Car have had both Engines run down and put to bed for the Winter.

17th April - Wanganui Road Rodders Street Drags

There was a lot of concern this weekend as to what the weather would do Today for the Drags. Torrential rain on Saturday saw a number of cars stay away and not travel thinking the event would not get going. A few showers early in the morning and a very wet first round followed by one last small shower, but things soon dried up and it was only the gremlins with the Lights that held things up ironically to begin with it was the suns Glare making the staging lights hard to see that caused the first problem . Delays with the lights resetting after runs and the Light Tower itself blew over meaning a few new bulbs which were on hand. The Crowd understandably was down in previous years but grew quite quickly once things got underway.
The Club decided not to run eliminations and just gave everyone as many runs as they could handle. They did line up a Torana V8 and Mazda Rotary for the battle that everyone likes to see and the Rotary managed to win after the Torana Red Lighted. A quite enjoyable day in the end and I'm sure those attending would have enjoyed it as well.
Grant Rivers Gave the Dragster a couple of skids for the crowd Next week they travel to Motueka for the Easter Drag meeting.

Picture Gallery Link From the Drags today.
You Tube Video Page will have videos added during the week.

11th April - Masterton Motorplex Nostalgia Drags
The Rowan Rivers Drag Racing Team went to Masterton on the weekend to have a fun wind down to the end of the Drag Season. The Team took the Blues Brothers Dragster but have stepped up to the Supercharge Outlaw Class. The Supercharge Outlaw Class operates on a first past the post System thus eliminating the need to Nominate a race Time. If they stayed in the C3 Modified class they could be facing a competitor half the speed and time and sitting on the tree for up to 5 seconds after your competitor has left can be a bit of a mind game and result in red lights.
There were 4 Supercharge Outlaws at Masterton and the Dragster qualified Number 1 setting the fastest time and Speed of the Weekend with a 7.28et at 189mph. The Team Took the Honors of beating the Australians as well with the fastest Time and Speed which was a pleasant Bonus and a great end to the Weekend

Adrian also ran his race car at masterton faced with 60 competitors Adrian made it into the Quarter Finals before he eliminated himself with a 12.90 run having set a dial in of 13.0.

Dallas Rowan Finished 3rd in the Junior Dragster which surprisingly caused quite a few dramas with the engine needing to be remounted on the Sunday Luckily There were some track delays and the lunch break , and some hard work put in by Adrian meant Dallas didn't have to miss a round of racing.

Next Weekend on April 17th the Wanganui Road Rodders will hopefully run the Street Drags at Taupo Quay. In January heavy Rain saw the Event Cancelled. The Dragster will do a few burnouts for the Crowd and will then go to Motueka, Nelson for there Drag Race meeting at Easter.

23rd March - Meremere Drag Nationals
The Rowan Rivers Drag Racing Team went to Meremere on the Weekend for the 3rd and Final round of the NZDRA Nationals
The Blues Brothers Dragster was Raced by Adrian Rivers and he got in 5 runs including an Official Record run in the C3 Modified Class for both ET of 7.273 seconds and Top Speed 185.79 blitzing the old record and backing up the unofficial time set in January. Adrian lost in Round two of the Championship to Andy Chapman when he red lighted the Start.

grant rivers Ran the Funny car for the first time this season after rebuilding the Engine and having a new cam fitted. The intention was to just give the car a shake down and see how things went with a half pass in the first run. In the Second run a big Tyre Shake caused a few problems and while trying to drive out of it the car leapt in the air over one of Meremere's notorious bumps causing an over rev of the engine. Grant added a bit more power for round three but in the burnout something was amiss with a dropped cylinder so the car was shut down to avoid further damage. The runs and data from the computer were enough to be able to get the Clutch setting reset so next year should see some big improvements in the car.

The Funny Car will go into storage for winter, but the Dragster will make a final appearance at Masterton Motorplex April 9th & 10th where both Adrian and Nicole will drive.

23rd January - Wanganui Anniversary Drags
Sadly today's 25th Anniversary Drags have been Cancelled due to persistent Downpours that shows no sign of stopping. See the image and Video links below for some of the action from the Burnouts Yesterday.

Picture Gallery Link From the Burnouts.
You Tube Video Page have 3 Videos up.

22nd January - Wanganui Anniversary Burnouts

Dean put the Ute in the Burnout Comp, This is a 140mph car on the quarter mile and for 30 seconds it chewed through a set of good tyres and made plenty of noise.

It was a good crowd turnout at Wanganui Road Rodders first ever Burnout Comp today.
While it was a bit windy this helped to disperse the smoke from the burnouts quite quickly. There were 14 entries , each car got 3 runs with the best two runs counting for the score. A time limit of 1.30 was set but the big V8's didn't need that long to destroy a set of tyres. Some of the smaller Jap imports had a hard time getting to grips with the sticky track.

The Street Drags are on Tomorrow hopefully the weather plays its part and a good day will be had with a full field of street legal cars competing.

Picture Gallery Link From the Burnouts.
You Tube Video Page have added one of Raj in the Ford Falcon.

9th January - Drag Racing Masterton

Adrian Rivers running 7.33 at 187mph an unofficial Record Time and Speed in NZ for the Class.

It was a very overcast day with quite a strong chilly cross wind. The Dragster got in 3 runs today with the track in the morning proving to be too cold and not a lot of traction. after the lunch break and some more track preparation Adrian went out and did a blistering run which looked shaky at the end as the wind caught the car but it was a great time and speed with which the team are happy with.

Picture Gallery Link From the Meeting.
You Tube Video Page.(only one at the moment will add more during the week)

8th January - Drag Racing Masterton

Nicole and Adrian Rivers are running the dragster at Masterton Motorplex this Weekend.
Yesterday things did not go well when on the first run the transmission snapped the Input Shaft and lost drive. However the Team managed to find a replacement shaft and put the transmission back together overnight.
Sunday Morning looks to be overcast and should bring some good times, hopefully the Adrian and Nicole can get in two runs each if things go well.

Jet Sprints

Duncan Wilson

Last weekend at the Opening round of the Jet Sprint Season saw the two Rivers Speed built Superboats of Duncan Wilson and Pat Dillon finish second and third overall. Some very good lap times on a fast course in front of a big crowd were put in by all the boats.

Grand Prix Hydroplanes World Champion

Warwick Lupton in the Rivers Speed & Spares Annihilator Race Boat.

Late last year at Yarrawonga, Australia the 3 boat Annihilator Team competed in the World Championships. A lot of racing saw plenty of damage to all of the 9 boats entered but David Alexander in the white Annihilator 2 Boat came home 3rd and Warwick Lupton showed that finishing every race and taking good points is what it takes to Win

24th August 2010 - New Dyno Room Test

Grant Rivers mans the Controls as they take the First Engine up to speed in the newly Completed Dyno Room. The Machine combines the Old and the New very well with an Older Style Control panel hooked up to State of the Art Computer Graphics which displays a multitude of various Data and Graphs and gives all the Information needed to get the best out of the Engines.

Dean in the Control Room

Grant hooks up the Ignition plug. The Test Engine is a Holden 308. The Exhausts are hooked up to a Baffle System that meets Noise requirements by the Council making the Running very quiet. Water is supplied through a large Header Tank. Everything is running Smoothly and Grant will be putting all his Race Engines through the Dyno prior to sending on to the Customers.

9th June 2010 - Jet Sprinters Finish Strongly

Pat Dillon Finished the Championship in 2nd Place
The Ford Supercharged Powered Hulk Had a slow start t the Championship Season with a Huge Crash at Round 1 but improved as the season went on. Pat took his first ever Round Win at the Final event at the Featherston Track. Grant Rivers took over the Building of the Ford this Season and the resulting Improvement was welcomed by Pat Dillon.

Duncan Wilson in Lethal Injection had perhaps a disappointing season the Current 2NZ was hoping to improve and Win the Championship but faced stiff competition. A couple of Crashes during the Season would prove costly in the Points Race and Duncan had t settle for 4th place overall.

8th June 2010 - Rotorua Targa Rally
Grant and Adrian Rivers spent the weekend running around the Rotorua Roads in the Targa Rally.
A very cold and slippery start on Saturday Morning saw many cars taking it easy on the roads. The Mustang was seeded to start in number three position which was way t high up the order for Grant and he caught and passed the first two cars on Stage 1. On Stage 2 the Mustang caught up to the Zero Car which had a 3 minute start and is the last of the Stage warning cars letting people know that the race cars are on the way. A bit of debate between Adrian and Grant about weather they are allowed to pass the car ensued before the Zero car pulled to the left and waved them by.
Stages 3 and 4 were a repeat of 1 and 2. with a bit of drama at the end of Stage 4 for Grant with the Alternator failing and the Battery flat a push start saw them make there way back to the Rotorua Pitstop with the Car leading its Class and in the Top 5 of overall Classics. Stage 5, a long winding Stage saw a major Error on Grants part as they approached what was supposed to be a Sweeping Right corner according to the pace notes but in fact was a Right angle Intersection. Grant missed seeing and hearing the call of the Marker sign indicating the Sharp Right turn and arriving way to fast was hard on the breaks and looking for a soft place to Crash not having too many options with a few trees (one of which had the Emerson Holden Commodore Buried in it) It was through the Fence and into the Paddock for the Mustang. Very minor Damage a broken Aerial a few scrapes on the Paint. 5 minutes were lost while cutting the wire away from the Diff and they opened a nearby gate and continued on the way. Stage 6 was a repeat of the previous stage but now Grant was last in Class and 20th in the overall Classics, Grant drove the Mustang hard to set one of the faster times in the Stage and start the long hall back up the time sheets.

Sunday saw Warmer Weather but a bit more Rain throughout the Day. Some Very tight and Twisty stages saw the Mustang struggle to make up time on the second placed Volkswagen Beetle, This Beetle is fully raced prepped and has well over 200HP under the Boot and was holding its own on the short Stages. To make matters worse the Intercom in the Mustang was almost unusable and Grant was not hearing the instructions from Adrian. Despite these minor setbacks the Team did eventually catch and pass the Beetle and finish 1st in their Class, They also clawed there way back up to finish 11th overall in the Classics Section and without the mishap on Stage 5 would have finished in the Top 5 of Classics.
This was the first time in the Mustang has finished each and every Stage in the Rotorua Targa breaking a 4 year long Curse.

1st June 2010 - Masterton Drags Final Race Meeting and Awards

Ardian makes a Speech at the National Drag Racing Association Awards Ceremony as Nicole looks on while Accepting the Second Place Trophies for the C3 Modified Division. They are the most Successful Pairing to compete in the Championships. This year they competed in most of the rounds Alternating the drives at each round. They took the fight to Eventual winner Andy Chapman right to the last round.

Ardian in his Nissan and Nicole in the Mustang go Head to Head in a Grudge Match at the Final event of the Season. The Dragster was also taken to Masterton but this time Grant put on a Blower which certainly made the Car Handle differently with a great deal more Power. No pictures available at this time.

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