Rivers Family Racing traveled to Motueka for the 3rd round of the NZDRA
National Series

A one day meeting which is good keeps everyone on there toes. Not many
cars in the comp class but we were hoping to run a 200mph run down the
strip. The Nelson team always have a good track its tight and bumpy
but suits our car quite well.
1st run off the trailer a single pass 6.90 @188mph good run but in
the pits and a broken Pushrod and Lifter. The Team pulled the blower
off and found no damage so replaced the rod and lifter and the car was
good to go.
Missed our second run due to the repairs but went out to the first Elimination.
Our Competitor lost his Chute in the burnout so it was a single pass
at 6.80 @ 185mph. Back in the pits evrything was good with the Engine
and Car.


For our last run of the Day we made some Power, Fuel and Weight changes

to have a crack at the 200mph. The car launch was our best ever no Tyre
shake lifted the front wheels on the wheelie bar and down the track
on a mission, But then the No 8 Piston left out the side of the Sump
taking the Starter motor and side panel with it. Lucky the damage is
just to the Sump the Block and Crank are ok and the engine well still
be good to run again in the future.

Prize Giving in Nelson was Good we took away Fastest time and Speed as well as joint hard luck winners.

Youtube video of the 2nd run a 6.80 @ 185mph Run, plus all the laast
run of the dayis on the channel as well.

Next Round
is the NZDRA Nationals at Masterton on March 18th and 19th 2017.The
Rivers Family Race Team will be there with the Dragster and the Mustang.