L-R Mike Coward, Adrian, Nicole and Grant Rivers

Rivers Family Racing was presented with the Competition Class Trophy. The team had a season long battle with Mike Coward.

Adrian thanks the team for there commitment and winning best Pit Crew Award
Nicole ,Adrian & Grant presented with the Milestone Trophy each driver one a round in the winning season a first for Father, Son and Daughter

Dave Hickman Eliminated in round 2
Nicole was Eliminated in Round 3
John Hooper made it to the Semi Finals
Dean Scott was a very happy man not only did he break into the 200mph club he also won the Super Charged Outlaws Class a personal best of 6.95 @204mph.

The Rivers Family Dragster had a winning weekend taking out the Competition class with a fair bit of luck going there way. The cars new Engine took a lot of effort too dial in with a couple of half passes to start the day and a lot of thought going in to the tune ups for each pass, In the Semi Final a close win over Mike Coward but the car lost the oil filler cap broken weld on the rocker cover in the run. The big engine causes a lot of stress to every nut and bolt and breaks welds as well so always the crew go over and check the car out between runs. A patched up rocker cover for the Final and again luck on our side when Wayne Birchal broke on the burnout, The Rivers Dragster on a solo run had bad run shutting down at the 8th with a gremlin.