Adrian tells Grant second gear is not there

The Dragster was not happy at the Nationals an Electrical/Mag issue during the first run was only firing on 7 cylinders, Grant was Driving for the first time this year and he did an impressive burnout. In the 1st run the car left well but on only 7 cylinders and then didn’t get into top gear so grant got out of it at half track. Back in the pits the team went through all electrical connections and ad the car up on the stands checking the gears all worked but of course the car as not under load. Going out for the 2nd run with Adrian driving things soon turned bad with a poor burnout and then when the launch the car lost all drive wit the Transmission gone

It was the end of the Dragsters Season and the car will be back next year.

Dave Hickford was the best of the Rivers Speed & Spares Engines running a very good second in the Super Street Class.
John Hooper made the second round of elimination before red lighting and Nicole Rivers got to Round 2 as well,
Adrian Rivers had a great day winning the Import class and then he chased down John Hooper’s Holden to win the V8 / Import Challenge
Nicole Rivers took out Fastest Lady